• Ghostwriter


I cannot say enough amazing things about working with Samantha Marshall. She is a fantastic listener who learned my voice as well as my personality, and owned it. She works in a way that made the process feel easy and enjoyable. She checks her ego at the door, is flexible and open to feedback. I really enjoyed the experience. She is PHENOMENAL – my writer for life!

Captain Sandy Yawn

Star of Below Deck Mediterranean

Working with Sam was a pleasure from start to finish. She embodies all the key attributes that are needed for the process to go well. And by that I mean empathy, professionalism, and attention to detail. I recommend her immensely.

Byrd Leavell

United Talent Agency (Literary Agent)

Sam is a fantastic collaborator and strategic partner. She is an expert magician, turning fledgling ideas and interview notes into flowing, engaging prose. A go-to partner on all things book.

Amy Scissons

CMCO, Russell Reynolds Associates (Client)

Very tight, very clean, exceedingly well assembled writing. Her eye for structure was really impressive. Terrific work!

Matt Harper

Executive Editor, HarperCollins

Sam brought so much to this project. Aside from having years of excellent technical ghostwriting skills, she was very flexible (traveled, conference calls…), demonstrated great global business acumen, and, critically, had the cross culture sensitivities and savviness which was needed to navigate the stories, needs and desires of me, an an African American woman and my co-author Gina, a Chinese woman. She nailed it. And for this we are forever grateful.

Yolanda Conyers

author of Lenovo Way (Client)

My book was about the power of listening, which Sam fully demonstrated, pulling stuff out of me and gently coaxing me to go deeper than I ever imagined I would. I cannot recommend a better collaborator for your project of a lifetime. She is, pardon the pun, my write or die.

Cody Alan

CMT radio and television personality (Client)

Sam is a pleasure to work with and her energy and commitment will drive any project.

Jon Taffer

executive producer and star of Bar Rescue (Client)